Marriage is caring and sharing, 
giving and forgiving, 
loving and being loved, 
walking hand in hand, 
talking heart to heart, 
to give and to take, 
and to see through each others eyes. 


Let me show you your love through my lens

The wedding day

What is Stephanie’s style?

1. The wedding day is your day.
Stephanie will make sure as much as possible to bring all your ideas and wishes in to the day.

2. A wedding photographer is the timekeeper of the day as well. Stephanie partners with you to ensure your day runs smoothly and to plan, allowing you to do what you do best : LOOKING STUNNING AND RELAXED.

3. Candid photos will be a must do as there will be many situation that will be just a blur for you and the photos will bring it all back again.

4. Stephanie’s editing style is as it is. Minimalism, natural and colorful. Stephanie loves black and white as well. There is no photoshop used. The edit is done in Lightroom and will keep the colors the way they where on the day.

5. We can schedule from 2 hours to 10 hours photography on your special day. So you see there is no need to miss out on any photos!

6. Yes we do travel out of Hawke's Bay as well. Travel cost do apply.